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The Inside Story of Cannabidiol

CBD is a compound found in the Hemp plant. The highest quality Hemp is cold pressed, and Hemp Oil is produced. Within the Hemp Oil are cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds. Cannabidiol, or CBD is one over 100 compounds found in Hemp. We isolate the CBD from unwanted compounds and create CBD Isolate. It is the Purest Form of CBD.

Purest Form CBD Reviews

“My mother is elderly and her health and memory have been deteriorating. I started giving my mom Purest Form CBD oil and noticed a little pep in her step very quickly. Her memory doesn’t seem as foggy since taking the CBD oil. Her overall health has improved and continues to improve. I’m convinced that the CBD oil is helping her in so many ways. She’s even able to eat a little more every day. So many improvements. I’m so grateful for this product.”

A. Aguilar

“About 6 weeks into taking Purest Form CBD drops my chronic back pain was gone.  I forgot to take the oil for a couple of days and I really felt the repercussions in my back….now I am being super careful to take the oil every day.”

Bea I.

“After my total knee replacement I was taking narcotics every 4 hours because of severe pain. The narcotics had lots of side effects including sedation, nausea with loss of appetite, constipation. When I started taking Purest Form CBD Oil, 8 sprays under my tongue I was able to get off of the narcotics and just use Tylenol and Celebrex. Then only the CBD Oil without any other pain meds. I am very grateful for the beneficial pain relief. I also rubbed the CBD Pain Rub on my knee and was able to sleep at night with pain reduction from the rub. What a great pain reliever without side effects!”

Gary R.

“My husband and I are 80 and we both have been using Purest Form CBD Oral Drops 1500mg strength and the Topical Pain Rub 400mg. We are both ecstatic with the results. My husband suffered from an eye condition in which doctors could not identify nor effectively treat. He no longer suffers from it.
I have been suffering from debilitating sciatic pain for years and other pain issues throughout my body. These products have absolutely worked for me. I’ve also experienced weight loss and increased energy. We are both so impressed and grateful.”

Estela Miranda

“My partner suffers from anxiety. I purchased Purest Form CBD Oil Drops for him a couple of months ago and I have definitely noticed he has much less anxiety and a better overall mood!”

Bob H.California

“For as long as I remember I’ve suffered with anxiety and in more recent years it’s only worsened. I also had trouble sleeping before I started the CBD oil. I have been taking Purest Form CBD 3000mg Lemon Drops. It has made me feel at ease, my anxiety has pretty much diminished and I am sleeping so much better. I highly recommend it for anyone who suffers from anxiety.”

Angelica FTexas

“I am a senior citizen and I have been using “Purest Form CBD-1500mg lemon drops for several months now. I’m very impressed and amazed with the results I have experienced—without a doubt this product has worked wonders for me. I have recommended this product to friends and family members and so far they love what it’s done for them.”


“Purest Form CBD is a life saver.  I suffer from Bipolar Disorder and have bouts of high anxiety. I’ve used Purest Form CBD with Terpenes daily for the past month and notice my anxiety has substantially diminished! I highly recommend this product!”

Devyn B.

I suffer from terrible migraines.  I take Imitrex, Advil Migraine and Excedrin Migraine to try to control them and most times they don’t work. This week I’ve had a smashing tension migraine for several days straight. The entire back of my neck to the top of my head was throbbing along with intermittent nausea. I am the biggest skeptic and frankly, I said I would never try CBD because I thought it was BS.

Out of desperation, I finally tried Purest Form CBD with Terpenes. I pumped 8 drops under my tongue.  Literally within a minute I could feel the throbbing start to diminish. Suddenly my headache was completely gone except for a small spot in my neck and I have no nausea.  How is this possible? I’m somewhat in disbelief right now. This is real. WOW!

Robby C.Sherman Oaks, CA

My dog Dexter has horrible anxiety. Sadly I have to put a muzzle on him at times because he keeps us up all night barking and running around. He gets my other dogs all wound up too. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in months, literally. My dog groomer recommended I try Purest Form CBD for Dogs. The first few days it wasn’t working at all. In fact I thought he was getting worse but I kept giving it to him. Within a week he really started mellowing out. Now he’s so calm & sleeping through the night which I thought could never happen. This product works!


I am a senior citizen and I have been taking Purest Form CBD 500mg for a few months. I feel a lot less pain now. I have an appointment with my primary doctor so she can wean me off one pain medication called Norco. The CBD also helps me fall asleep at night. I love this product.

Teresa V.

I’m tired of taking prescription medications so I finally gave Purest Form CBD 3000mg Lemon Drops a try. My mom has been a loyal customer but I didn’t think it would work for me. The morning I tried the CBD, I had a migraine brought on by a sinus infection. This has been a common theme for me for the past 3 years. Within 15 minutes of taking the drops, my migraine was gone. I couldn’t believe it worked. I still can’t believe it. I was told it may take a week or two before I see any significant results but I got results immediately. And I love that it’s organic, all natural and healthy for you.


I own a Dog Nail Trimming business and I see so many dogs on a regular basis who suffer from arthritis, hip pain, anxiety, digestive issues, cancer, you name it. I have been recommending Purest Form CBD for Dogs to my customers and the response has been truly amazing. It makes me so happy seeing my sweet doggies get relief from their health issues. I will continue to recommend this product to all who will listen. Oh, and my mom uses the Purest Form CBD 3000mg Lemon Drops and the 1000mg Topical Pain Rub. She loves it!

Stacy N.

About Purest Form CBD

Purest Form CBD is a company whose foundation is built on Integrity and Honesty. Before I started Purest Form CBD, I was a CBD consumer just like you. After being sold various CBD products that had little to no CBD in it, despite the label stating otherwise, I decided to start this company to help my family members and myself get the highest quality CBD available. Now I can help others like you who are truly in need of the powerful benefits of CBD.

Purest Form CBD products have zero% THC. This gives our customers piece of mind knowing that our products are legal in ALL 50 states and will never test positive for drugs. This is critical for those whose jobs require random drug testing such as Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Doctors and Nurses, Professional Athletes, Pilots and many other occupations. Most CBD products on the market do contain 0.30% THC. This is because Hemp naturally contains 0.30% THC which is a trace amount. Regardless of how tiny the amount, we take the extra step in the Lab to extract all traces of THC. We guarantee Zero % THC in all our CBD products and back it up with Certified Lab Analysis data on each product.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to educate people on the amazing benefits of CBD and to provide the highest quality CBD at an affordable price.

Marco Flores
President / CEO

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